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Myth is a narrative projection of a given cultural group’s sense of its sacred past and its significant relationship with deeper powers of the surrounding world and universe.  - David Adams Leeming, “A Dictionary of Creation Myths”


Creation myths explain the origins of the universe, and how humans came to inhabit it.  In identifying with myths, the audience becomes an active participant in the stories divine powers.


ORIGINS is a group show featuring ELEMENTS, an MFA Printmaking collective at George Mason University.  The exhibition examines creation myths, focusing on the creation of man, man’s relationship to the material world, and the role of divine beings. Through the creative response, the work in the show comes together to form a present day creation story.


Participating artists include:


  • Brigitte Caramanna (Earth)
  • Mike Walton (Aether)
  • Melvin Parada (Water)
  • Emily Fussner (Fire)  
  • Jennifer Lillis, Curator (Air)


Origins is on display from April 16 – May 18, 2018 at Fenwick Gallery on George Mason University's Fairfax campus.

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